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Not a lot of people are exposed to compressed face masks. Let’s change that! I am going to talk a little about the face mask itself, and show you a quick scar removing D.I.Y. Remember the best piece of garment you should invest in is your own skin!

Here is where I bought my Face Masks:

Warning: If you are allergic to any of these ingredients please use an alternative.

Note: New Scar will always heal better than old scars. Keep in mind that you MUST wear sun block after using this. New skin will eventually mimic old skin, so prevent that from happening by protecting it from the sun. Also, this mask is so versatile! Use different recipes to pamper yourself!

Results: I did this religiously every night for two weeks straight and saw a HUGE difference in my skin complexion. Also if you have an open zit, it will dry up the next day and scab off (kind of gross I know). After the first two weeks, you can try every other night, or even less. Remember skin lightening takes time, be patient and be optimistic about it!

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Disclaimer: I purchased everything with my own money unless it is stated otherwise.

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